Terms & Conditions

This outlines your obligations and payment method for your relationship with us, Layaway Lots.

We value your business and want to be sure that every aspect of our process is clear to you and easy to understand.

Once you enter into a contract with us, you are promising to pay us according to the method and schedule outlined below. If you cannot make a payment for any reason, you agree to contact us to resolve any problems before contacting your bank or credit card processor to initiate a dispute.

Our goal is 100% satisfaction and amazing service.

Buyer confirms that they have done all due diligence and research prior to making down payment on property.

You are authorizing Layaway Lots to charge your credit card or bank account for initial payment and to charge that same payment method on a recurring basis with the monthly amount outlined in your contract each month thereafter for the term of the contract.

Once down payment is made, you agree to sign the agreement within 24hrs. Failure to do so will void the sale of property and down payment will become non refundable.

3 day money back guarantee starts once both payment is made and agreement is signed.

You further agree that in the event that you cannot make a payment or have any other issue with making these payments, you will contact Layaway Lots directly at Layawaylots@gmail.com to resolve any issues at least 30 days before contacting your bank or credit card company and initiating a dispute.